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Back in the days at Better Badges we had all types of workers ranging from spiky-haired punks to Neneh Cherry to Lemmy's room-mate. The one music we could all agree on was ever on this label and our favorite was the Johnny Osbourne.

0201 studio one wailing souls
6/28/96 - made at BB to commemorate the Souls visit to UK circa 1980.

1441 studio one b/w
4/20/96The original Studio One logo. - made at the behest of Charlie from Ladbroke Grove in 1978. I think Charlie used them to bribe to old man Peckings for first pickings on the 12" pre.

  • The store:
     Coxsone's Music City
                         3135 Fulton St.
                         Brooklyn, NY 11208 USA
                         Phone: (718) 277-4166
  • The radio show: Sun 4-5pm WNWK 105.9 Newark

  • Yahoo! groups -- Studio One

  • Heartbeat's Studio One Catalog

  • 1/10/2002 Jamaica Observer marks Celebration Time at Studio One
  • 5/15/96 Heartbeat's new Grooving At Studio One (HB 204)out Jun 18:
    1. Dennis Brown - "Grooving Out On Life"
    2. Ken Boothe - "Just Another Girl"
    3. Tenessee Brown - "I'll Never Fall In Love" (extended version)
    4. Owen Grey - "Here I Am Baby"
    5. Delroy Wilson - "Dancing Mood"
    6. Larry Marshall & the Freedom Singers - "Sweet Sensation"
    7. Dennis Brown - "Johnny Too Bad"
    8. Freddie McGregor - "Cherry Oh Baby"
    9. The Heptones - "Baby"
    10. Carlton Livingston - "She Loves Me"
    11. The Silvertones - "My Desire" (extended version)
    12. Devon Russell - "Out of Love"
    13. Dobby Dobson - "Tears From My Eyes"
    14. Dennis Brown - "It's Impossible"
    15. Ken Boothe - "Puppet On a String"
    16. Dobby Dobson - "Sherry"
  • 4/30/96 grant g's list of Studio One dub albums:
    african rub'a'dub
    better dub
    bionic dub
    dub store special
    hi fashion dub top ten
    ital dub
    juk's incorporation
    juk's incorporation part 2
    mellow dub
    roots dub
    sample dub
    zodiac sounds

  • 3/18/96 Some classic Studio One (and other) tracks can be found on Junior Dub's Irie Reggae Music Page
  • 12/7/95 Lashout posts up a photo of Mr Dodd
  • 3/18/96 Anachron City Library Biographs Lee Perry (uk)
  • 6/6/95 Get a tape of some of the original 7" from The Bush Doktor
  • 2/14/93 Kiyomi Kubota's Studio One Album A to Z

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