WWWhatsup Stubborn Records Pins

2171 king django

2168 major league ska

2167 ska's not dead (wht)
2167a ska dance (blk)


2158 rocker t - nicer
2/25/99 - made to order for Stubborn, like the 'Nicer' CD cover except with added roots colors.

2095 stubborn records mulehead
3/17/97 - kick-ass gets 2 toned

2093 version city grand master
2/12/98 - designed from the actual cd, itself designed from the actual studio tape master.

2090 version city (col)
2090b version city b/w

2/9/98 - used by Stubborn for added kick at the CD release party

2088a stubborn records mule b/w
2088b stubborn records mule w/b


2080 nyc ska mob

2078 stubborn all stars rifles rwb
10/30/97 - 'Djangoistic' rifles

2029 skadance (stubborn recs)
3/28/97 -a fresh version of an existing pin submitted by Stubborn who intend to supply them to Skinnerbox fans

1948 stubborn all stars rifles
9/4/96 - official stubborn carrot-cruncher for those with good eyesight

1947 stubborn all stars pistols
9/4/96 - ska-armament for the stubborn a-team

1946 stubborn records donkey
9/4/96 - official stubborn carrot-cruncher for those with good eyesight

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  • 7/9/96 Nrrrds Inc recommendation (2nd down again)
  • 6/3/96 Rock Fetish reviews the SAS (2nd one down)
  • 2/29/96 Skinternet says 'Wow!"
  • 11/14/95 NY Times Ska-article repro'd at Latin Online
  • 11/15/95 Hype zine's guide to Stubborn with audio.
  • 10/27/95 NY Times Ska-article

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