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1921 skinny puppy
4/12/96 - brap : a new album of old stuff

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  • cEvin's cardinal rules
         1.Never trust Managers to convey your true intentions
         2.Only trust a Record company that appreciates you for
         what you are.
         And not what they can do to change you for the Big Payoff.
         (AMERICAN REC)
         3.When Buzzards start to gather there's something
         DIEing to be EATEN.
         4.Stick to your goals and don't let A&R reps make musical
         suggestions (otherwise they'de be successful musicians
         right ?)
         5.Watch for the flashing "DOLLAR BILL EYES". It only
         takes a second to realise these guys are ruining your life.
         6. make music that You believe in. Trust Knowone
         7. To Hell with any Bullshit.
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  • 7/16/98 Cleopatra Hymns Of The Worlock
  • 4/9/96 HotWired review of The Process
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