WWWhatsup Social Distortion Pins

1987 social distortion white heat doll
11/27/96 - a new pin made up for tonight's Roseland

1986 social distortion white heat logo
11/27/96 - a new pin made up for tonight's Roseland

1053 social distortion #2
11/27/96 - the major label logo

0841 social distortion 1945 logo
11/27/96 - this one goes all the way back to the old Ritz 1985

1220 social distortion skelly b/w
11/27/96 - the old boner, actually shot from a t-shirt the band gave Joly around 92

656 social distortion red
6/28/96 - slightly more orange version of the original SD pin as made since forever by Zed Records, Long Beach.

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