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Smiths manager Scott Pearing had a long history with Better Badges going back to the original days of the Rough Trade Label, when he used to wear the dk tdtf pin with the word 'busy' taped over the word 'drunk'. Thus pins were routinely commissioned from BB for all the Smiths' RT singles.

0474 smiths blue
5/12/96 - Better Badges original
0474b smiths white
5/12/96- the b/w made to sell to the Limelight goth crew around 92
0618 william
5/12/96- BB pins for 'William' single
0818 hand
5/21/96 - in glove. Better Badges original
0908 smiths morrissey
7/23/97 - adopted and passed on by Antun of Zagreb, this is typical design work from Better Badges' main competition 'Red Moon'
0845 smiths shoplifters
5/12/96 - Better Badges original
0830 smiths listen
0831 smiths listen logo
7/23/97 - Better Badges original's
0832 meat is murder
7/23/97 - Better Badges original

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