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The pinstand made the first ever sex pistols badge in July 76 to sell on the Roundhouse, London, stand. Later, we worked closely with Jamie Reid on processing graphics, and supplied Glitterbest all the way up and beyond the demise of the band. You will see Sid wearing one of our original Ramones badges in early pics. Also you can see a couple of the original badges in this pic.

0794 sex pistols anarchy flag
8/8/96 - This was newly recreated, in color.for the Roseland show. The 1976 original was the second SP pin ever, the first 'official', 2.125" and black and white.

0625 sex pistols lips
8/8/96 - Queen's lips, and that original design was, I suspect, too risque for Virgin in 1977, who used the black bars instead. Branson still got to be Sir, eventually.

1139 sex pistols -pretty
1482 sex pistols -vacant
8/8/96 - The 1977 sticker was split into 2 pins. The original versions were 2.125

1174 sex pistols -gstq
8/8/96 - The 2nd 'official' Glitterbest pin in 1977. They distributed several 1000 while negotiating with Virgin. The original version was a 2.125" blue pic with red writing around ( and can be seen here. It topped the BB Mail Order Top Ten for some months. This was all labor-intensive as the pin had to be pressed in-house because the patriotic ladies at the East-End factory would not touch it.

1384 sex pistols -i'm a lazy sod
8/8/96 - design submitted to Better Badges by a fan in 1977, has run ever since

0730 sex pistols rock + roll swindle
8/8/96 - Better Badges made a set including this one for Glitterbest to sell from the 'Cash from Chaos' booth at the movie premiere

0435 sex pistols-no one
8/8/96 - The original version was a 1.75" with extremely hi-res half-tone made from a pic Joly found in a trash can (the photog showed up at the stand about a year later and gave it his blessing.)

1071 sid vicious my way blue
5/23/98 - the original Better Badges 'My Way' pin was just a pic of Sid's hand holding the gun, this one was added around 1980.

0871 sid vicious
8/8/96 - Better Badges definitive from around '83

1703 sid (band-aid)
1702 johnny rotten

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