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In July 76 I commissioned Edward Barker, famous UK underground cartoonist, to make me a generic 'PUNK' design, He came up with a great line drawing of a stubbly-jawed character with a cheezy typeface saying 'PUNK'. It was 1.5", one of only a handful that Better Badges ever made in that size, and also the first 2-color pin I ever did, I was very proud of it at the time. I didn't have a copy myself for a long time, but then my mother found one in the attic and mailed it in so see it below..

0873 punk and disorderly
9/1/97 this one was made by Better Badges around 82 to associate with the comp.of the same name

1459 punks not dead

1480 punk
11/9/98 -

2202 punk fest

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