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The pinstand - born in the 76 heyday of nihilism - has always been pretty apolitical - and Better Badges pretty solidly took the piss out of RAR/NF etc efforts to recruit the punks - nevertheless sometimes one just couldn't stand aside..

0340 not a nazi
1/6/1999 - made around 88 or so to sell at skin shows at the old Ritz subsequent to some racist incident in NJ

0423 england get out of ireland
12/6/99 - made around 82 or so to sell at a Black 47 show (at the NY Academy?)

0916 female power
4/21/1998 - Better Badges design from 83 or so

0970 impeach reagan
11/9/98 - made around 86 to sell at the old Ritz - design lifted from a popular CA bumper sticker

1031 stop the war before it starts
9/22/1997 - Better Badges design (job maybe?) from 83

1255 just say no to music censorship
11/4/98 - made to sell at some benefit at the NYC Marquee around 91 in the heyday of the PMRC

1673 free joe doherty
11/9/98 - made around 92 when Joe was deported from NYC - he was eventually freed in 1999

1740 no nukes # 2
8/22/97 - a uk design from the late 80's

1781 reagan hates me
8/22/97 - made around 86 to sell at the old Ritz - design lifted from a popular CA bumper sticker

1822 think globally act locally
2/9/99 - I made these around 91 as a gift for wetlands (an nyc club) where they sold them from a VW bus parked inside

2184 no bigotry
8/9/99 - I designed this at the request of the promo director of the NCCJ. They incorporated it into a larger badge which was distributed to police officers. Myself I found the sentiment a little intolerant.

1152 flag, red
12/4/2001 - a reverse out of this pin by Slim Smith at Better Badges arounD 1982

2373 no war
3/14/03 by popular demand

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  • 11/1/01 geek.america free fuck war pin

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