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"Music is an indirect force for change, because it provides an anchor against human tradgedy in this sense. It works towards a reconciled world. It can also be the direct experience of change. at certain points during some shows the reconciled world is already here at least in that second in that place. Operation Ivy was very lucky to have experienced this. Those seconds reveal that the momentum that drives a subculture is more important than any particular band. The momentum is made of all the people who stay interested and keep their sense of urgency and hope."

Jesse - OpIvy

Thanks to fat-mike for the quote

0796 operation ivy oi
0797 operation ivy opiv

8/8/96 - made by popular demand to sell at Roseland, just about the first pins (10/94) to be made by computer from designs procured from the internet, in fact by an appeal in alt.music.ska.

  • This seminal punk-ska outfit included members of Rancid
  • UBL Artist Operation Ivy

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