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2213 "not me"
1/11/2001 chorus from future musicians when asked whether they trusted SoundExchange

2161 I want my mp3
3/13/99 - made in response to one man's 'cri de couer' (link no longer good)

2162 fuck the riaa
3/14/99 - before they fuck you..

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  • 01/09/01 CFoM dc summit
  • 5/31/00 Cencom Chuck D interview
  • 3/25/99 Computerworld reports IFPI vs Lycos
  • 3/20/99 mp3.com - Mojo Nixon signs on
  • 3/19/99 motley fool - Recording Industry in Denial
  • 3/24/99 Wired Hilary Rosen interview
  • 2/22/99 Time - Music Without Labels
  • 2/22/99 Time - You've Got Music!

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