WWWhatsup Love And Rockets Pins

No band has ever been more supportive of the pinstand than L&R. The very first time I set up at Roseland was at an L&R show back around around 91 after the band insisted to their manager and the house that it be allowed. We've been in there ever since. Back at the old Ritz they gave me a big bag containing so many of the original 'express' pins that they lasted me a couple of years..

2166 love and rockets lift
3/21/99 - lifted from the CD cover to prepare for the band's upcoming NYC visit.

1523 love and rockets #1
3/21/99 - remaster of the original '86 pin

1334 love and rockets
1/9/97 - earth sun moon logo made to sell at the old Ritz around '87.

0999 bubblemen are coming
11/21/98 - made from a sticker around '88 (?) after the Bubblemen had indeed come.

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