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1160 joy division -closer
4/4/97 - when the record came out, factory sent me the cover, said do what you think best. I zeroed in on the touch right away.

0170 joy division unknown pleasures
4/4/97 - made around '85 to sell at the old Ritz, this is different to the 78 original made by Better Badges for Factory in that it is a wider angle

1738 joy division #2
0519 joy division(logo)

10/22/98 - these are 2 of a set of 6 that we made for the band early 78. I believe we did black ones as well, this being before 2-tone. I gave the master away to a peculiar american on a scooter around 81, who published them in a book.

  • Ideal For Living mentions that we made 100 specials for the JoyDiv Acklam Hall show in 1979, I vaguely remember that.. what I do remember was that the Factory Recs crew spent most of the evening at Better Badges HQ which was nearby, and broke all house spliff-rolling records.
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