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In 1976 Megan Green, later Better Badges house artist, designed the cover for the Metallic K.O. album for Skydog, and also a 2.125" pin - master now lost - In 1978 I made the pins for the 'tv eye' tour, and went to check on a show in Holland, Finding the t-shirt dude had deserted, I stepped in and traveled with the band thru Scandinavia, including Oreboro where there was mini-riot and they threw dead fish onstage, and back to Berlin.

2032 iggy pop raw power pic
4/1/97 - not so much the wrist as the elbows

1902 the stooges b/w
4/8/96 - made to sell to old schoolers at an Academy show

1744 iggy pop
7/2/98 - an english pin from the mid-80's

0783 iggy pop & the stooges metallic KO

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