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While the pinstand's tendencies are mainly musical and iconic, sometimes we just make pins for the plain sake of pins. At Better Badges we used to refer to these as 'intrinsic'. One particularly successful line - the 'dodgy wind-up' series were designed by one 'dodgy des', whose hippy incense stand had been displaced from its spot in the Roundhouse by Better Badges in 76. He took the genre to new limits and eventually opened "the Badge Shop' in Covent Garden to sell them. Currently in the U.S. we mostly concede the ground to "Ephemera Inc' of SF who have a remarkable repertoire, but unfortunately no web presence.

0576 heinee
12/20/95 - submitted by wingfat

2150 well, duh.
3/9/99 - captured from this groovy article .

2120 i'm normal
9/3/98 - designed by naeem one day when he was feeling a little freaky

2086 man! you guys suck!
1/17/98 - testimonial from a customer who thought the pins too small, in response to my suggestion to 'think iconic'

2059 joy (of india)
11/9/98 -

2033 I love my job
11/9/98 -

1926 freedom is a beautiful fuckin' thing
5/30/96 - made by order for Paul who just quit his job

1924 oh man!
4/20/96 - made to give to our friend Tom who says this quite often..

1727 be nice
4/20/96 - At the Bogmen show last Sat a girl was giving Vernon a hard time for not having any 'positive' pins so we dug this one up. Originally made by Joly around 90 as a love token in a last-ditch attempt to revive a fading romance.

1432 fuck

1394 looking for dick

1393 back to vinyl

1390 new kids suck

0017 x-apple
7/28/95 - made for Naeem. Who says: "I've got nothing against macs, it's just the stupid users."

2165 about fucking time

2224 no smoking
5/31/01 made for our friends in CSS who have to enforce this rule in the VIP section at Jones Beach Concerts, so they don't have to yell..just point.

2369 drunk
3/10/03 requested by Troy Goings to give out to his friends on St Pats

2377 are we there yet?
3/18/03 the etrnal question, requested by Alexandra Crousillat

2416 contrived scruffiness
8/12/03 - neatly contrived by Poppie Skold

2417 beastie girl
8/12/03 - beastily contrived by Poppie Skold

2431 back to mono
10/2/03 - requested by 'cotton white' - a lift of the Spector original

2440 you are the most beautiful girl in the world
2441 I love you

12/25/03 - true

2453 unstable
3/3/04 - requested by thor3332 - call for equine liberty?

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