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In the original days of Better Badges (1977) one of our first foreign customers was Klaus Maeck of 'Ripoff' in Hamburg. By 1981 he had worked up a sizable debt. In response to dunning he mailed us no cash but a bunch of cassettes of some guys hammerin' and drillin', we were not that impressed, but we knew a good pin design when we saw it. Later (1984), on sabbatical with Goldenvoice in LA, I was able to bring in the band and have them open for the trendy preening batcavers Specimen. The result was one of the greatest upstagings ever witnessed. The pinstand was present at their 'final' show at the Cat Club in NYC a few years later

0124 einsturzende Neubauten eagle

0111 einsturzende Neubauten white
3/21/97 - white has run since 81 and at one time was bought by many as a 'Rollins pin'. Black was added around 88 for the Limelight goth crew.

0110 einsturzende Neubauten black.

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