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1761 dead boys - 10 yrs
6/27/96 - made for the 10th Anniversary Re-union show at the Old Ritz 1987, front of t-shirt made for the show

0092 dead boys
6/28/96 - made for the first Re-union show at the Old Ritz 1986, back of t-shirt made for the show

  • from Cleveland, Ohio
  • The 1977 Damned-Dead Boys-Dictators tour was one of the finest moments in history (the pinstand was there)
  • an entry in the MLA Obituary Index
  • The skull logo was sketched for the band by Dave Vanian of the Damned in 77, the original is in the possession of a guy who works behind the counter at Bleeker Bob's..
  • Stiv appeared in the Jon Waters classic Polyester (1981) and also Tapeheads (1988)
  • The Cosmic Goblins also cover Sonic Reducer (Finland)
  • From the Midnight Records Catalog:
    BATORS,STIV-Disconnected-(US CD-'80 LP+6 Bonus Trax+Booklet) 13.99 BATORS,STIV-Disconnected-(German CD) 14.99 BATORS,STIV-L.A.,L.A.-(US CD Rare,Obscure &Unre.Trax 1979-87) 13.99 BATORS,STIV-Night Of Living+Church&New C. -(Euro CD-2 On1) 19.99 BATORS,STIV:TRIBUTE TO-DARK CARNIVAL--(Live Ex Stooges, C.Chrome,Etc) 19.99 DEAD BOYS-Night Of Living-(US CD Live CBGB'79 +Bonus Live'87 Cuts) 13.99 DEAD BOYS:C.CHROME:ROAD VULTURES-Fire It Up- (US CD-Vile Punk!) 12.99 DEAD BOYS:FRANKENSTEIN-Eve Of-US Mini CD-'75 Live! Loud & Snotty!) 7.99 DEAD BOYS-Night Of Living-(US LP-Legendary Live CBGB Show) 8.99 DEAD BOYS: C.CHROME+GHETTO DOGS-(-)-(US 10" Color Wax) 6.99 DEAD BOYS:FRANKENSTEIN-Eve Of-(US 10" Live '75! Loud & Snotty!) 8.99 BATORS,STIV-Last Year+Cold Outside- (US 7"-Classic Shit!)3.99
  • The only Christmas record with a song dedicated to Stiv Bators: Hello Disaster's "I'll Be Home For Christmas," which sounds nothing like The Dead Boys.

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