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The birth of the pinstand and the Clash happened to coincide. It was outside the front of the Fulham Greyhound after the last 101'ers show that I decided to do badges at the Ramones Roundhouse show. Bernie hated my original 76 spiky design (which can be seen here), so in 77 an agreement was made. BB paid for the gear to go to Europe on the first tour, dropped the old design and ran the 'police' pin. Definitive as it was, it became BB's top selling pin bar none in the original punk era. Later Terry Razor took over merch and ordered large quantities of new designs.

1600 clash -city rockers
2/13/1997 - this design was submitted to BB by a fan around 77. He later went on to some success as an album artist designing that yellow Cramps cover amongst others.

0635 the clash - police
4/20/96 - originally made by cbs in early 77, copied by Better Badges later that year with agreement from Bernie who hated the original 76 spiky a/w, and BB paid for the gear to go to Europe on the first tour. Was the 2nd smaller 1.25" pin to hit (Ants was 1st) and went on to top the BB weekly Top Ten for a coupla years as it was the only Clash pin. Photo is by Roco taken outside BB front door during 76 Notting Hill riot.

0067 I don't want rude boy clash film
3/9/99 - these were ordered by the band around the time of the film's premiere. Design is a parody of the of the original 'complete control' pin.

2257 radio clash
10/11/01 - designed by Futura 2000 during his sojourn in the UK around 81

2275 the clash - combat rock
1/29/2002 - old design - new pin

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