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1929 cannibal corpse
6/27/96 - made by popular demand to sell at the Roseland show

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  • former lead grunter Chris Barnes is now with Six Feet Under
  • On Metal Blade Records
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  • Kim Ki Jo's Discography (Korea)
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  • Lyrics to Tomb of the Mutilated and Shredded Humans
  • Sven has the album graphics (Estonia)
  • MDB's Cannibal Corpse listing (Norway) (some creative entries)

  • 11/29/96 Germ Warfare interview
  • 2/29/96 Inferno Mag's review of Vile
  • 8/28/95 Andrew Birkett (UK) has tabbed Hammer Smashed Face
  • UBL Artist Cannibal Corpse

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