WWWhatsup Buzzcocks Pins

In the original days Better Badges had a close working relationship with the Buzzcocks, and produced matching pins for all of the single releases. Unfortunately i haven't got masters now, except for the 'Harmony' below.

0196 buzzcocks
2/13/97 - this was a dodgy handjob made to sell off the stand which I took out as far as milwaukee on the comeback tour around 91 or 92

0172 buzzcocks harmony in my head
2/14/98 - Better Badge, originally 1.25" from 1979 or so. This was one of the first pins i litho printed myself, so the register on those originals is a little, ahem, loose. Fixed, of course, on the digital version.

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  • 1/1/99 Perfect Sound Forever tribute to Time's Up

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