WWWhatsup Bad Brains Pins

The pinstand's second ever US set up was at Bad Brains' shows at Rock Hotel in late 85. You will find a 'What's Up' credit on I against I. We ran a bit of a web page for the band from 94-97.

2076 bad brains omega logo
11/9/98 - old school logo

0566 bad brains gol logo
9/15/1998 - curvy, maverick style

0102 bad brains i against i
3/21/98 - made to sell at Rock Hotel shows late 80's

  • www.badbrains.com
  • WWWhatsup I-fficial page (defunct)

  • Yahoo group badbrains

  • whatawaytodie old cbgb photos
  • 1/15/02 chasershirts.com still has the SST t-shirt

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