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1912 bad religion br
4/18/96 - the new corporate-style logo

0310 bad religion
4/16/96 - this pin was first made for a City Gardens show around '89, now computer redrawn

  • Band includes Greg from Circle Jerks and Brian Baker from Minor Threat/Dagnasty
  • At a Roseland Morrissey show a coupla years back. A 'soldier for christ' comes up to the stand, spots the BR pin, and starts blustering. "How can you sell that?" he keeps asking. The reply - "God Knows."
  • Brett Gurewitz is now in The Daredevils and has been replaced by Brian Baker
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  • Atlantic Recs has a bunch of pics, audio, video, and a snowboard competition
  • Brian Scott's page includes tabs, pix, videos, and a FAQ, as well as audio of the out-of-print "into The Unknown' album
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  • Weathermen Records sells t-shirts
  • an obsolete.com brilliant band (UK) (t-shirts)
  • Kozlowski Record Reviews Bad Religion

  • 5/7/98 Voodoo Catbox poster
  • 5/1/98 LA Times interview
  • 6/8/97 The Big Takeover 40 Interview with Bad Religion
  • 2/3/97 ATN reports on the live CD
  • 9/27 LaLive interview and webcast from the Hollywood Palace
  • 7/1 Cosmik Debris review
  • 6/27 Spontaneous Combustion review of the Roseland show
  • 5/31 Kill Yourself posts up lyrics to Generator and Suffer
  • 4/12 Vox Mag pans the record (Canada)
  • 2/21 MuCoMo's CoffeeBreak with Bad Religion w/ realaudio multimedia
  • 2/15 Voice Mag interview
  • 8/30/95 Heckler Brian Baker interview
  • 2/1 Some stills from bOOTLeGS & b0LL0CkS Live Video
  • 8/2/95 Bowling Doughnuts interview with Jay

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